Long Distance

longdistanceCanadian Valley Long Distance, a subsidiary of CVTC, is pleased to provide our customers long-distance service through OPTICTEL — a partnership made up of six independent Oklahoma telecommunications companies.

  • competitive long-distance rates
  • a single telephone bill for all your services
  • a local office and local employees
  • friendly service representatives
  • calling plans (including unlimited long distance for residential customers)
  • a single provider for all your telecommunications needs

Residential Rates:

Basic Rate = 10¢ per minute (anywhere in U.S. except Alaska & Hawaii)

Unlimited Plan = $25.00 per month (anywhere in U.S. except Alaska & Hawaii)


Business Rates:

1000 Minute Plan = $70.00 per month (7.5 cents each additional minute)

2000 Minute Plan = $130.00 per month (6.5 cents each additional minute)


800 Service

Rates as low as 9 cents per minute

Your Local Long Distance Choice
Recognizing the strength in numbers, CVTC banded together with area fellow rural companies in 1994 to offer residents and businesses a long-distance choice that exceeded the competition… with affordable rates not available in our area through national companies.

Through OPTICTEL, we have built a state-of-the-art fiber network, using the newest and most advanced technology, which brings our customers dependable long-distance service with exceptionally clear results. And, we offer the added benefit of one-to-one service you’d expect from a company located here in the community.

At Canadian Valley Long Distance and OPTICTEL, our goal is to package long-distance service with quality customer service and reasonable rates.

OPTICTEL Long Distance will help you avoid:

  • separate bills from different providers
  • confusing or misleading rates
  • special “codes” (i.e., 10-10-555) for dialing long-distance
  • pricing that isn’t always what is promised
  • automated recordings or systems

For more information about OPTICTEL Long Distance service through Canadian Valley, please call the CVTC business office at 918-334-3700 or 877-283-7279, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.