canadian_internetIn today’s tech-savvy, information-driven marketplace, customers demand Internet service that’s both reliable and affordable. If you crave the speed and power of our ADSL broadband service, Canadian Valley offers you the assurance of the highest quality Internet service. And, we couple our technical support capabilities with friendly and considerate customer care. With Canadian Valley Internet you can be assured to have the highest speeds available for your online entertainment and the best customer service to back it up.  A few of the benefits of our internet service include:

  • Incredible Download and Upload Speeds
  • Unlimited Use / No Overage Charges
  • Live Stream HD Movies
  • Video Conference With Friends and Family

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Residential & Business Plans Available

Below is a list of our most popular DSL high-speed internet plans.  Choose the one you would like and call us at 918-334-3700 to order today.

10 Mbps
10 Download / 1 Upload
Basic Internet usage.
Multiple hand-held devices
social media
streaming up to two televisions simultaneously
30 Mbps
30 Download, 3 Upload
Intermediate internet usage.
Multiple hand-held devices
social media
streaming multiple televisions simultaneously
video conferencing
home security system (contingent on location)
Faster Speeds Available
Call Today for Pricing!
Contingent on Location
Some restrictions apply

                                                                DSL Modem Maintenance Plan available for as low as $3.00 monthly.                                                                    (All prices are subject to change without notice / Some Restrictions Apply/ Price varies by service ordered.)


CALL FOR PRICING:  918-334-3700

  [onpage]Need More Information or Ready To Sign Up?   Give us a call today at 918-334-3700 or email us at [email protected] to get started.[/onpage]

Bravado 4G LTE Wireless Voice & Internet

(Actual usage may vary.  Example is an estimate only)

  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Higher Data Speeds
  • Wireless Home Internet Only Plans

Canadian Valley Telephone is a Bravado Wireless Partner; just another way that Canadian Valley Telephone is working hard to serve all of your telecommunications needs. Bravado is more than just wireless talk – we have wireless internet too! It’s broadcast over the air, allowing you to access it wherever you are. It’s wireless, so you’re not tied to cable  or restricted by terrain – plus it’s less expensive than many traditional internet services!

Affordable Connectivity Program – Helping Households Connect

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), like Lifeline, is a federal program that also lowers the cost of your monthly service, however, it can only be applied to internet. To see if you qualify or to apply, use the links below or call or come by our office during office hours. Do You Qualify? Apply Now

Need Technical Support After Hours?

If you are having technical issues after hours with your Internet, please contact our help department at 918-334-0317. For Technical Support after hours for Bravado Wireless, please call 1.800.828.6567.

Acceptable Use Policy