Canadian Valley Internet

  • Incredible Download and Upload Speeds
  • Unlimited Use / No Overage Charges!
  • State-of-the-Art Router/Gateway – Learn More
  • Live Stream HD Movies
  • Video Conferencing and Gaming

Residential & Business Plans Available

Call us at 918-334-3700 or email us to get started or to learn more about faster download and upload speeds.

The Fastest Internet Around
  • 100 Meg!
    Up to 100 Mbps
    (50 Mbps Up)
  • Ultimate Streaming and Gaming

Our most Popular Plan
  • Family Plan
    Up to 50 Mbps
    (15 Mbps Up)
  • Designed for Families

Bump up to Basic
  • Solo Plan
    Up to 30 Mbps
    (5 Mbps Up)
  • Best for Singles

Jump Start Your Internet
  • Starter Plan
    Up to 25 Mbps
    (3 Mbps Up)

Starter Plan $8 discount available when bundled with telephone. | +$5 When Data Only. | Network Maintenance Plan $7/mo.
(Discount applied when bundled with Voice/Telephone plan. All prices are subject to change without notice. Some Restrictions Apply.
Price varies by service ordered. Fee applies with data-only plans.)