Canadian Valley wants all our customers to know that we remain committed to bringing you the highest quality services and care — no matter your specific telecom needs. Since we began offering telephone in late 1920s, we’ve maintained a simple philosophy that all customers should be treated courteously and with respect, and be served to the very best of our ability. It’s a philosophy that has suited us well, as many of you are much more than just customers — you’re our friends too!

Through dependable local and long-distance services, as well as our exciting high-speed DSL Internet and Internet provided TV, Canadian Valley Telephone Company is your one-stop-shop for telecommunications services. We realize you have a choice when it comes to your communications provider, and we’re pleased you choose to partner with us.

Canadian Valley Telephone Company takes a great deal of pride in the fact that we’re a local, community-oriented service provider. We’re equally proud of our history here in southeastern Oklahoma. With our charitable contributions and support of local organizations, economic development projects, and educational initiatives, we’ve always sought to keep our community strong. And, the variety of services we offer can attract new members to our area.

In addition to our commitment to serve and promote our area, Canadian Valley Telephone Company firmly believes in the benefits of technology through advanced telecom services. One of the most important advantages of these new technologies is in keeping us all connected to each other and the world — at a time when that connection is so critical. As the telecom industry, our economy, and our nation continue to respond to so many unfolding changes, we hold firm to our promise to bring you leading-edge yet affordable services that enhance your life and help us thrive as a community.

Indeed, the Canadian and Crowder areas continue to grow, and it’s imperative that we expand to accommodate developments, both locally and in the telecom arena. But we pledge — right here and right now — that you remain our most important priority. You see, we realize that without your loyalty and the opportunity to serve you, we wouldn’t be here. So, we remind all of our customers that if you have any questions about your Canadian Valley Telephone Company  services, or just feel like talking, please give us a call, or drop in and see us.

From all of us at Canadian Valley, we extend our sincere appreciation — thanks for letting us get to know and serve you!